Project Objectives

The strategic objective of the project is to ensure the means for development, management, and exploitation of the national system of resources and services which are dedicated to the LCG computing grid in the framework of the Romanian Tier-2 Federation RO-LCG. The project is essential for the support of the RO-LCG's position within the WLCG collaboration during the LHC's Run2. Its main goals are the optimization of the existing Grid infrastructure, the improvement of the quality of service, and the increase of RO-LCG visibility within WLCG.

The specific objectives of the project, listed below, are strongly correlated to the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration in the Deployment and Exploitation of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (MoU).

  • O1: The realization of the pledged levels of hardware resources and improving the efficiency of using grid resources
  • O2: The realization of the minimal Tier-2 service levels specified by the MoU
  • O3: Improving the monitoring and accounting of resources and services in RO-LCG
  • O4: Development and modernization of RO-LCG network infrastructure
  • O5: Ensuring support for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the grid centers
  • O6: Improvement of the RO-LCG management and of the communication within the consortium
  • O7: Implementation of advanced technologies for improving the RO-LCG infrastructure
  • O8: Dissemination of RO-LCG activities and of the results of the project



Horia Hulubei National Institute for Research and Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Institute for Space Sciences

National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies - Cluj

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Politehnica University of Bucharest

CONDEGRID 2012-2015